Eric Kalver

Eric Kalver

Eric is a Los Angeles-based drummer, arranger, composer, and music supervisor. 

Raised by a family of magicians (seriously), Eric already had stage, TV, and radio experience by age 5. At age 11, the discovery of The Beatles and the movie "That Thing You Do" inspired him to become a drummer. 20 years later, he still gets to live the dream of working in music.

Eric wears multiple hats in the industry. He's the music supervisor at Activision Blizzard, working on games such as Call of Duty, Destiny, and Guitar Hero. He is a published arranger, a composer, and a regularly gigging drummer playing in multiple groups that perform all around the Los Angeles area.

You can regularly see Eric playing drums for Baby Wants Candy at Upright Citizens Brigade, weddings and corporate events with Business Time Entertainment, live band karaoke with The Moon Units,, and on the new Netflix comedy special, Todd Glass: Act Happy.